ActiveMEMS is a hardware technology company, developing record performance micro energy harvesters, actuators, and sensors for next-generation IoT, based on our proprietary advanced piezoelectric MEMS technology. Our technology development and commercialization efforts have been supported by DARPA, NSF, Berkeley National Lab, Activate, Cyclotron Road, CalSEED, MEDC, MTRAC, and Cleantech Open Accelerator.



ActiveMEMS invented a new microfabrication technology, which allows wafer-level and post-CMOS compatible integration of high-quality piezoelectric materials on silicon. Our process technology provides the highest electromechanical coupling factor and piezoelectric strain coefficient among any other film deposition methods available in the semiconductor industry today. Plus, it has achieved a wide range of piezoelectric material thickness on silicon that is optimum for various micro transducers, and demonstrated energy harvesters and actuators with the highest electromechanical energy conversion efficiency.